Third-Party Logistics Services

At Snapl, we understand that clarity and predictability in pricing are crucial for your business planning and profitability. That’s why we’ve adopted a flat fee pricing model for our services. No hidden costs, no surprising add-ons, just one straightforward, all-encompassing rate that covers the entirety of our premium 3PL, Fulfillment, FBA Prep, and Logistics Services. This flat fee approach simplifies budgeting, provides excellent value, and allows you to fully leverage our expertise without worrying about fluctuating costs associated with logistics operations. With Snapl’s flat fee pricing, you can focus on what you do best – growing your business, while we handle your logistical needs with full transparency and efficiency.

Amazon FBA Prep

At Snapl, our FBA Prep services are designed for seamless e-commerce fulfillment. For FBA, we ensure your products meet Amazon’s standards, enhancing compliance and speed to market.

$0.25 per FNSKU Label
$0.25 per DNS Set Label

$0.25 per Poly Bag w/ Suffocation Warning

Label Removal
$0.25 per Label Removal

Amazon FBM & SFP

Snapl offers comprehensive Amazon Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) services, providing efficient storage, picking, packing, and shipping solutions tailored for Amazon sellers. We excel in Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP), ensuring fast, Prime-eligible shipping directly from our warehouses, maintaining high standards and customer satisfaction.

B2B & EDI/Retail Fulfillment

Partnering with a third-party logistics company for B2B fulfillment can reduce lead times, improve inventory management, increase profitability, and help your organization scale business. Our B2B Fulfillment service is tailored for businesses looking to streamline their supply chain, offering efficient inventory management, fast order processing, and reliable distribution channels. Our Retail Fulfillment solution focuses on providing seamless experiences for retail businesses, encompassing everything from accurate order picking and packaging to timely and cost-effective shipping. Both services are designed to maximize efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and ensure customer satisfaction through advanced technology and expert logistics support.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Our comprehensive 3PL services are designed to optimize every aspect of your order fulfillment process, ensuring that your products reach your customers quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

Same-Day Pick and Pack (Placed Before 3PM)
$0.50 per Order

Monthly Storage
$5.00 per Box (Max Dim. 23″ x 21″ x 15″)
$50.00 per Pallet (Max Dim. 48″ x 40″ x 70″) Volume Rates Available

Branded Packaging, Specialty Materials, and Promotional Inserts
$0.25 per Order

Value-Added Services
GS1 UPC Barcoding and Labeling
Gift Messages
Fragile Wrapping

Port & Customs

We handle all aspects of port logistics, including cargo unloading, customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution. With our strategic port locations and advanced technology, we guarantee seamless integration with your supply chain.

Free-Loaded Container Unloading
$500.00 per 20′
$750.00 per 40′
$900.00 per 53′


Efficient returns management is key to customer satisfaction. We streamline the returns process with advanced technology, ensuring quick, transparent, and easy handling of every return. Our system optimizes restocking and minimizes waste, keeping your operations smooth and your customers content.

Sorting Processing
$0.50 per Item

Warehousing & Storage

We provide flexible space solutions to accommodate a wide range of products, from small items to large pallets, ensuring optimal storage conditions for each type. With 24/7 surveillance and a dedicated support team, our services guarantee safe, accessible, and reliable storage solutions to streamline your supply chain.

Industries Served
Retail and Ecommerce
Consumer Goods
Food and Beverage
Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
Technology and Electronics
Chemicals and Hazardous Materials
Construction and Heavy Machinery
Agriculture and Raw Materials

Subscriptions & Crowdfunding

Our tailored kitting solutions are designed to streamline your assembly process, ensuring that multiple components are expertly combined into ready-to-ship kits. This service not only saves time by simplifying the fulfillment process but also significantly reduces your operational costs.

Assembly and Kitting
$2.00 per Box

Wood Crating & Shipping

Our wood crating services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring that your goods are protected and delivered in pristine condition. We offer custom-designed wooden crates, built with high-quality materials and precision engineering, to accommodate a variety of products from delicate electronics to heavy machinery. Committed to sustainability and compliance, our crates meet international shipping standards, including ISPM-15. Choose us for wood crating solutions that bring peace of mind and efficiency to your supply chain.

Special Projects

$35.00 per Man Hour (Special projects are one-off tasks that fall outside of the scope of the regular pick and pack process or subscription box kitting and assembly. They include jobs like counting inventory, repackaging and/or bagging products, quality control, and other generic tasks. Task fees are billed in 15-minute increments.)

Additional Capabilities

Freight Forwarding
Risk Management and Compliance
Customized Reporting

Included Benefits

Pallets, Generic White Poly-Mailers, Bubble Wrap and Bags, Stretch Wrap, Tape, Labels, and Postage
Discounted Shipping Rates
Unlimited Sales Channel Integrations
Inbound and Outbound Processing
Claims Management
On-Site Pickup
Dedicated On-Site Customer Support
Order/Inventory Management Software

Advantages of Leveraging Third-Party Logistics Services

The warehousing and shipping costs associated with poorly optimized supply chain management can result in economic inefficiencies for businesses in a wide range of industries. By partnering with a provider of third-party logistics services, businesses can potentially reap the benefits of:

Improved inventory management
Enhanced distribution efficiency
Cost savings associated with shipping and warehousing
Time savings
Potentially limitless scalability
Access to industry expertise
Overall customer satisfaction

These are only a few of the benefits of outsourcing logistics. Contact us to learn more about 3PL in New Jersey.

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