We understand that the journey doesn’t end when the product reaches its destination. That’s why we offer comprehensive returns management services for efficiently managing returns, recycling, and the entire reverse supply chain. Our expert team is committed to reducing waste, optimizing returns processes, and ensuring your products re-enter the market quickly and seamlessly. Whether it’s product recalls, recycling initiatives, or returned merchandise management, trust us to handle your reverse logistics needs with precision and care.

How Our Returns Management Solutions Work

We’ve developed a six-step process that makes it easy for you to outsource returns processes and still maintain your business’s high standard of customer service. Here’s how it works:

1. The returned product is received by our warehouse
2. The return is then sorted, examined, and separated by its condition
4. Information on the return is logged into our WMS for tracking and analysis
5. Once processing is complete, you’ll be notified via email
6. Email us back with your preferred next steps.

Is Outsourcing Returns Worth It?

That depends on your current structure and workflows. If your team is currently sapped managing reverse logistics associated with return volumes and processing, then it might be. Offloading returns management to a professional third-party logistics (3PL) service provider with the manpower, technology, and shipping capabilities to handle it can free up your organization’s time, producing more cost-effective shipping and handling processes. It can also boost customer satisfaction by producing a higher level of service.

Outsourcing the returns process also has the potential to improve the speed of the process while ensuring your organization access to a dedicated team of logistics professionals committed to the use of cutting-edge technology.

How Returns Management Services Help Your Business

Reverse logistics, or returns management services, help your business by handling all of your returns for you. This can reduce stress and workloads, cut down on expenses, and allow you to handle returns more quickly and in larger quantities without needing to expand your internal team.

Reverse logistics make it easier for businesses of all sizes to process returns efficiently. This can be paramount for large-scale ecommerce retailers and merchandisers who tend to have a large volume of returns to process every month.

Reverse logistics can also help reduce waste and save you money. Many products and materials returned can be resold or repurposed, ultimately boosting your income and lowering unnecessary losses.

The goal of reverse logistics isn’t just to improve your returns process. While it has major technical benefits, the positive environmental applications make this a beneficial choice for many businesses.

Value-Add Services

In addition to returns management, we also offer a wide range of add-on reverse logistics services to help you improve your business.

Restocking for Resale
If the returned item is in good condition and can be resold, we can return it to your inventory. Restocking return items that are suitable for resale can help protect your cash flows and reduce waste.

Refurbishing or Repairing
Products that are slightly damaged or defective can be repaired or refurbished to a sellable condition. These refurbishing and repairing services allow you to restore damaged products and resell them, which can ultimately improve your profitability and help you avoid unnecessary product waste.

If the product cannot be resold or repaired, it can be recycled, breaking it down for parts or materials. Recycling products is a good way to be environmentally conscious and live up to your brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Some returned goods can be donated to charitable organizations. We are open to donating to charities of your choice, which can further support your brand’s mission and values while doing good in the world.

Products can be sold to liquidators at a reduced price, who then resell them in different markets.

Destroying or Disposing
As a last resort, if the product is not fit for any of the above purposes, it can be disposed of. We deploy the appropriate destruction or disposal methods for every product type while taking full advantage of recyclable materials and eco-friendly solutions.

Standard Processing

Our standard processing returns are per item. We offer easy solutions that make it possible for you to handle a large quantity of returns if necessary. Through careful inspection and product sorting, we help you manage your returns inventory easily and make the right decisions for every case.

Monthly Storage

Do you need monthly storage for your inventory? We offer monthly storage solutions at our NJ warehouse to give you the flexibility you need.

Box (Max Dim. 23″ x 21″ x 15″)
Pallet (Max Dim. 48″ x 40″ x 70″) Volume Rates Available

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