Sustainable Packaging Certification Badge

Our Snapl Certified Sustainable Packaging Certification Badge is a testament to a commitment towards environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. Designed for businesses that prioritize eco-friendliness, this badge is not just a symbol, it’s a statement. Displaying this badge on your website communicates your dedication to reducing environmental impact and upholding sustainability standards.

Features and Benefits

Eco-Friendly Recognition
This badge is a visual representation of your commitment to sustainable packaging solutions, helping you stand out in a marketplace increasingly conscious about environmental impact.

Trust and Credibility
Our certification process ensures that only those truly committed to sustainable practices earn the badge, building trust with your customers.

Compliance Assurance
By earning and displaying this badge, you assure your customers and partners that your packaging meets the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

Community of Change-makers
Join a network of forward-thinking businesses that are collectively driving the change towards a more sustainable future.

Application and Maintenance

1. Meet our comprehensive criteria for sustainable packaging
2. Complete the application process, which includes a review of your packaging practices
3. Maintain ongoing compliance with our standards


Highlight our badge on your website or through corporate communications.