Make Your eCommerce Business More Efficient with Third-Party Logistics

January 20, 2024

Make Your eCommerce Business More Efficient with Third-Party Logistics

One thing that was positive about the 2020 pandemic was the growth of eCommerce and other online services. Before 2020, eCommerce had a steady annual growth rate of 8%. In 2020 this increased to 18%.

By 2024, it is expected to reach 21%. Many businesses now are going beyond traditional methods and exploring what they could do using technology for their logistics and fulfillment needs.

One of the most effective strategies is using third party logistics (3PL) services to accomplish your procurement and fulfillment targets. Whether you’re a small business that works within your city and nearby areas, or a big company that delivers out of state or internationally, a 3PL service provider can do so much to improve your fulfillment strategy.

What 3PL Services Offer eCommerce Businesses

Third party logistics services such as the kind we specialize in here at Snapl, use the latest technology to help your eCommerce business achieve its goals efficiently. We can handle the logistics part of your business, which typically includes packaging, storage, fulfillment, and distribution.

We as logistics providers monitor the supply chain for you, and we also have a warehouse to store your products. Snapl can take charge of the packaging and distribution, ensuring that your fulfillment goals are met.

Getting a 3PL provider is a cost-effective solution to pressing logistical needs, and allows any business to scale their operations and meet the demands of their clients and customers. You can then manage your supply and distribution more efficiently, without the need to spend more on storage or creating your own delivery team.

Packaging Online Ecommerce Orders

Why 3PL Can Work for Your eCommerce Business

A 3PL logistics service, for many eCommerce companies, might seem like an additional and unnecessary expense. However, when you weigh the costs of owning your own warehouse and managing the day to day logistics of an online store yourself or with a small team, you soon realize there are immediate cost benefits.

A 3PL service like ours provides additional perks that can help you build your brand as well, which can also help you cut down on costs. We can help you maintain your brand image and logo when packaging your items. You can set specific requirements for your goods, so your clients will know that it comes directly from you. This includes the kind of packaging materials, and the placement of your company name and logo.

Another reason why Snapl’s 3PL service is best for eCommerce businesses is that we have the transportation resources needed for deliveries and fulfillment. We can also provide the storage access you need before delivering the products to your customers.

This means you are saving on transportation and shipping costs. You don’t need to build a logistics team to handle all that. You only need to hire a 3PL service provider. Whether you want to improve your fulfillment, or ensure that your company branding and image is maintained in the supply chain, Snapl can help you meet these goals in a cost-effective manner.

And in New Jersey, whether your target is to deliver locally, out of state, or internationally, 3PL New Jersey serviced provider Snapl has the team and the resources to help you.

What Snapl Offers Your Business

Our New Jersey third-party logistics team has proven expertise in logistics management in New Jersey. We use the latest technology and rigorous processes to meet any client’s storage, delivery, or shipping needs.

Order Management

If you need a third party to manage the tracking and fulfillment of your client orders, order management captures the process upon the first contact. We can capture a client order, track its placement and movement, and ensure that the client receives the order.

Our team has a reliable order management process that ensures the safe storage and shipping of your products. We will also ensure that your branding and image will be reflected in your packaging, as we have the capacity and flexibility to do so.

Returns Management

In logistics, customer returns are inevitable, but there is a way to make sure that the process is easy, both for customers and the eCommerce business themselves. The Snapl team can minimize profit loss as it has an effective strategy to expedite the returns process.

We use a reverse logistics solution that traces the movement of goods and products from the customers back to the eCommerce sellers or the manufacturers. Our system ensures that once a customer returns a product, the return process starts immediately.

Inventory Management

Part of Snapl’s 3PL services is inventory management. We can help eCommerce businesses in storing, selling, and delivering goods and items. We also help manage the flow of items from the warehouse to packaging, then shipping and delivery.

Snapl uses a cloud-based inventory management system that helps our clients manage the inflow and outflow of goods, and also check their inventory. So we can oversee the supply of specific items, and control which items need to be changed or sold. When it comes to customer satisfaction and being able to relay to customers the status or availability of an item, services like this become indispensable.

Warehouse and Storage

Snapl also offers warehouse and storage services. Our warehouse is temperature-controlled and has 26 foot ceilings. The area is closely monitored and guarded, inside a fenced and gated area.

Outgoing Shipping Boxes

Third Party Logistics Services You Can Trust

eCommerce is now a massive sector that is growing expansively every year, and many entrepreneurs can see the potential of their businesses if they explore eCommerce as a part of their business strategy. Using a third party logistics team can help any eCommerce company to make sure their supply chain is managed well and that they can seamlessly scale to meet this increasing demand.

If you are a retailer in New Jersey and want to work with a dedicated New Jersey third-party logistics provider, contact us today and get the best third party and logistics solutions provider in the state. Experience professional logistics solutions from a company with over thirty years of expertise.

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