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With our strategic location and extensive network of partners, we are well-equipped to handle all your cargo and port logistics needs efficiently and seamlessly. Our experienced team is committed to providing tailored port and customs services to meet your unique requirements, whether it’s import or export logistics, container handling, warehousing, or transportation.

We understand the importance of timely and cost-effective operations, and our cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes ensure that your goods move swiftly through the port, minimizing delays and maximizing your supply chain’s efficiency.

Port Logistics Services

Our port logistics services are designed to streamline the complex process of moving goods through ports, ensuring seamless integration with your supply chain. When importing goods into the United States, it’s important to have a skilled team who understands the nuances of getting items safely to their destination. Our 3PL warehouse is located just 3 minutes from the Gloucester Marine Terminal in Gloucester, NJ, and 4 minutes from the Broadway Terminal – Pier 5 in Camden, NJ.

Our easy access to key ports in the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia area make us a premier option for merchants who ship their goods to the region. Among our port logistics services, you will find:

Transportation Management
Our transportation management offers reliable transit of goods from the port to our facility and back, ensuring timely and secure handling with our specialized network of freight providers.

Our cross-docking services ensure a seamless, efficient transition of goods, reducing handling times and storage costs. With cross-docking solutions, businesses can lower expenses by shipping goods directly from a supplier or manufacturer to a customer or another mode of transportation with no storage in between.

Warehousing & Storage
Our warehousing and storage services are flexible and scalable, designed to accommodate varying volumes of cargo, including seasonal fluctuations. In addition to our port logistics, we also offer a wide range of third-party logistics services to make your business run faster and smoother.

Free-Loaded Container Unloading

We unload 20’, 40’, and 53’ feet containers for your convenience.

Local Ports & Terminals

At Snapl, our local ports and terminals stand at the forefront of global commerce, offering state-of-the-art facilities and strategic locations for seamless cargo handling.

Port Newark
Port Jersey
Port America
Gloucester City Port Terminal
Balzano Marine Terminal
Packer Avenue Marine Terminal
APM Terminal
Red Hook Terminal
Liberty Terminal

Customs Services

Does your inventory need to pass through customs to be delivered overseas? We provide comprehensive customs clearance services, meticulously handling all necessary documentation, duties, and taxes. Our proactive approach minimizes delays and accelerates the clearance process, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination promptly.

Port logistics services encompass a broad range of activities and operations that are crucial for the efficient functioning of sea ports and the movement of goods.

Port Logistics Services: Navigating the Tides of Global Trade

Understanding Port Logistics
Port logistics refer to the comprehensive process of managing the movement of goods through sea ports. This includes a variety of services such as cargo handling, storage, transportation, and customs clearance. Efficient port logistics are essential for seamless global trade, ensuring that goods are transported quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

Why Port Logistics Matter

Global Connectivity: Ports are the gateways to international markets, linking land and sea routes.

Supply Chain Efficiency: Effective port logistics streamline supply chains, reducing transit times and costs.

Economic Impact: Ports significantly contribute to the economy by facilitating trade, creating jobs, and boosting local businesses.

New Jersey Port Logistics: A Strategic Hub

New Jersey’s ports, including the Port of Newark and Elizabeth Marine Terminal, stand at the forefront of U.S. port logistics, offering unique advantages:

Strategic Location: Situated on the East Coast, New Jersey ports are ideally positioned for transatlantic shipping and accessing the dense Northeastern U.S. market.

Advanced Infrastructure: These ports boast state-of-the-art facilities capable of handling the largest cargo ships, with continuous investments in technology and infrastructure.

Intermodal Connectivity: Exceptional rail and road links ensure swift movement of goods to inland destinations.

Customized Solutions: New Jersey ports offer tailored logistics services, catering to a diverse range of cargo types, including containers, bulk, and breakbulk.

Sustainability Initiatives: Commitment to sustainable practices, including cleaner energy usage and reduced carbon footprint, sets New Jersey ports apart in eco-friendly logistics.

Our New Jersey Port Logistics Services

Cargo Handling and Storage: Expert handling of all types of cargo with secure, state-of-the-art storage facilities.

Customs Clearance and Documentation: Streamlined customs processes ensuring compliance and swift cargo clearance.

Transportation and Distribution: Efficient distribution services, including trucking and rail transport solutions.

Consulting and Logistics Planning: Customized logistics planning and consulting to optimize supply chain operations.

How Do Port Services Benefit Your Business?

Port logistics is a complicated process without a professional team to handle your shipments. With our support, you can enjoy streamlined processes, efficient distribution, seamless transportation, and customized logistics planning to help you enhance your supply chain operations.

Our professional Port services in New Jersey offer specialized care and tailored solutions for your cargo. In addition to expert handling, we also offer easy integration with our suite of other warehousing services, such as storage, distribution, product inspection, and packaging.

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